Why Support The Million Hazelnut Campaign as a fundraising partner?

This simple $7.00 per plant sponsorship program can have a profound effect on many issues facing us today; fossil fuel dependency, carbon emission reductions, carbon sequestration, erosion & water quality, food access, quality & security, economic development and local self reliance are all issues addressed with this simple program.  If your non profit group or its members are concerned about addressing any of these complex and interrelated issues than supporting us in this effort becomes a real win win situation. You will raise funds for your group and its activities while supporting us in our work on the issues you care about.

On the Web

By hosting our professionally developed media content on your web page and in your social media accounts viewers will be provided links to our donation page. Each link is traceable to its source limiting your administrative costs while ensuring your recognition as a part of this campaign. We will be developing and sharing content; Videos, Images, Memes and Messages in an ongoing basis throughout the course of this campaign in our efforts to support you in gaining engagement from your members, creating a successful campaign.

Host a Live Event  

We stand ready to assist you at whatever level you are comfortable. We have customizable hand outs and promotional literature available in electronic format for you to download and print for display and tabling at events. We can provide you with video presentations and on-line question and answer sessions. We can come and talk about this program with you in person.


Environmental Brochure

Farmer Brochure

Web Materials

Stimulate Your Local Economy and Build Community Resilience.

Recruit local landowners to our Host Farmer enrollment page. Every 1000 sponsorships we receive will enable us to plant a 1-2 acre hazelnut grove. By helping us identify growing sites in your area we can ensure your sponsorships stay in your community.

Fill out the form to become a Million Hazelnut Campaign partner: