What is the Million Hazelnut Campaign?

The Million Hazelnut campaign is an initiative to expand our capacity to respond to climate change and continue to meet the food and fuel needs of our society.   A market approach to this carbon sequestration can be developed by jump starting the commercially viable hazelnut nursery stock available annually to serve our growing zone with plant sponsorships from concerned citizens seeking a real response to the biggest problems we face. The Million Hazelnut Campaign is partnering with local landowners to host these plants and and begin the commercialization of hazelnuts grown in the midwest into the global market for this valuable commodity. The soil erosion, carbon outgassing and water contamination caused by conventional farming practices in the midwest has to stop. The Million Hazelnut Campaign is defining a pathway to prosperity and creating a regenerative future.

What is the Million Hazelnut Campaign?

The Million Hazelnut campaign is a call to action, a direct response to several of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Climate Change, the excess carbon in the atmosphere belongs in the soil, these perennial plantings of hazelnuts will put the carbon back in the soil where it belongs, creating a regenerative future.

The Million Hazelnut campaign is a joint effort between concerned citizens and concerned farmers. Environmentally conscious citizens sponsor the planting of hazelnuts on contour and in buffers to reduce the financial burden on environmentally conscious farmers fighting erosion and water contamination with this regenerative practice.

The Million Hazelnut campaign is an initiative to create a hazelnut industry in the midwest that can invigorate our rural economy with the development of this highly valued global commodity.    

One Million Hazelnuts is a lot! – how will you accomplish this goal?

It is ambitious, we will be busy but the land and watersheds around the midwest are worthy of this effort every year until our regenerative future is guaranteed. By partnering with environmental groups like 350.org, and the Sierra Club, as well as concerned consumer groups like the Organic Consumers association and the food coops we will find plant sponsors.

From the time the seed is planted in the nursery we have about 18 months to identify 1,200 acre of farmland for planting.  There are ~ 27,610,800 tillable acres in Minnesota. The acreage required for this represents just under .000044% of our farm land.

By partnering with like minded non profits like the Savannah Institute, the Upper Midwest Hazelnut Development Initiative (UMHDI), the Sustainable Farmers Association (SFA) and others we will find the degraded lands and unprotected waterways to plant on or around.

We are living in a time of exponential climate change, as things develop support for this program will grow in both the agricultural and consumer communities.

What are the benefits of Hazelnuts?

What problem do you want to solve? Do you want to sequester carbon? Do you want to control runoff and erosion? Do you want to protect our waterways and aquifers? Do you want to increase habitat for birds insects or other native wildlife? Do you want to reduce fossil fuel use and dependance? Are you concerned about local food security? Do you want to stimulate the economy? Do you enjoy healthy high quality food?

Are you concerned about the corporatization of food? Do you care about farmer suicides? With your sponsorship hazelnuts can lead the way out of this mess and into a regenerative future  

What are the benefits of Hazelnuts?

These hazelnut plantings combat erosion and help purify and protect our water. They clean our water by uptaking nutrients that may run off into waterways and help restore our aquifers through increased water infiltration. Cleanse our air through photosynthesis . Cool our planet with shade . Hazelnut bushes give us refuge and refreshment, shade and shelter.

The Million Hazelnut campaign will help improve the Upper Mississippi watershed that provides drinking water and to millions of people decreasing the toxic deadzone in the gulf, as well as establishing habitat for a diverse variety of native plants and animals.

How much does it cost to plant one tree?

The cost to sponsor a hazelnut into the nursery and than transplant it out on a farm is $7.00. Beyond covering costs to simply plant the seedlings in the ground, donations support ongoing monitoring to to ensure plant establishment and to develop improved varieties through a selective breeding program under development.

Are there Million Hazelnut campaign staff actually working at these project locations?

Yes! The Campaign has staff monitoring plant development in the nursery, screening farm applicants for plant hosting, screening sites for those that will most greatly impact the erosion and water purity in  the watershed. We offer assistance and technical guidance using established Hazelnut care protocols to accelerate results and minimize costs.

I want to help! How can I get involved?

Thank you for caring about the world! To help us reach our goal of planting and protecting millions of hazelnuts; share the campaign, share the emails, the social posts, the videos, call your aunt and uncle and get serious about growing this perennial industry. Your support will help us plant hazelnuts, protecting land from erosion and waterways from contamination. If you have a non-profit and want to become a partner visit our partner page here. If you have land or know a farmer visit our host page here. If you just looking to support share the campaign! Feel free to print our flyers and brochures, .PDF’s here.